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showcase RULES



The rules of play shall be the FIFA LAWS OF THE GAME as modified by USYSA and UYSA, and as noted below.

Any rule not addressed shall be interpreted by the Tournament Director for the good of the game.

All decisions by Referees and/or the Tournament Director are final. There will be no protests.


Team size & Game Format by Age


Multi-Rostering of Players is not allowed. If a player is found to have played on more than one team during the tournament, all games the player participated in will be forfeited.

A Guest Player is any player who is not assigned to your normal 2023-2024 team.


Competition Format

Number of Games:

Each team is scheduled for a minimum of three games with the possibility of the two top teams in the age division playing a championship match.



Teams will be awarded points in pool play as follows:

  • Three (3) points for each win

  • One (1) point for tie awarded to each team

  • Zero (0) points for each loss

  • Forfeit is scored as 0-1 loss, three (3) points awarded to opponent

Pool Play matches ending in a tie will be recorded as such (no PK’s).


Tie Breaker After Pool Play Games:

In the event of a tie, between two or more teams, at the end of pool play, the winners will be determined in the order as follows, by continuing down the list, in its entirety, for all teams involved:

  1. The winner in head-to-head competition (where applicable)

  2. Goal Differential – Highest goal difference (goals for minus goals against) with a maximum of four (4) goals difference per game counted both for and against. Ex: score 8-3, the calculation would be +4 goals for the winning team, -4 goals for the losing team.  If score was 6-4, the calculation would be +2 goals for the winning team and -2 goals for the losing team

  3. Fewest goals allowed

  4. Most total wins

  5. Most shut-outs

  6. FIFA kicks from the penalty mark will be taken. (If three teams remain tied, a coin toss will take place between the three teams, the two tying teams in coin toss will do PK’s and the winner of those two will do PK’s against the third team)


Tie Breaker in Semi Final/Championship Games:

In semi-final and final games, if the games are tied at the end of regulation play, two equal overtime periods shall be played. If the games are still tied at the end of overtime play, FIFA kicks shall be taken from the penalty mark to break the tie.


Members of the 1st and 2nd place teams will be presented with individual awards. Awards will be presented at Sullivan Soccer Complex immediately following the conclusion of the Final match.

Entering Scores:

Scores will be entered into Affinity by the home team coach. If the opposing team thinks a score has been entered incorrectly the visiting team's coach may dispute it in Affinity. Tournament staff will verify disputed scores by verification of the referee’s game report.

All game results will be posted on the showcase website

Forfeits and Byes:

A team that fails to report ready to play within 5 minutes of the scheduled kick-off time will forfeit the game. The game will be scored, 0-1, the other team will be awarded 3 points.


Bracketing of teams will be determined by the Tournament Director and/or Tournament Scheduler who looks at team league records, strength of team and matches teams for best possible competition.

The Tournament Director and/or Tournament Scheduler reserves the right to combine age groups if necessary to complete flights.

No appeals of the tournament bracketing will be allowed.

  • Four Team Divisions – Four teams play three round robin games, top two advance to a championship.  

  • Five Team Divisions — Each team plays all other teams in the division for a total of four games. Champion and Finalist determined by most and second-most points earned. No semi-finals and no-finals.

  • Six Team Divisions –Two groups crossover play. Top 2 teams irrespective of group, leading in points will advance to the final. 

  • Seven team Division – Each team plays two (2) matches and then teams are seeded one through seven (1-7) based on total points earned in the first two matches. For the third game, the second-seeded team plays the seventh seeded team, three vs six and four vs five. The top seed gets a bye into the semi-finals. Winners of the play-in games go to the semi-finals. Winners of semi-finals meet in the Championship. In this type of Division, a team could lose its first two games and still have a chance at winning the Championship.

  • Eight Team Divisions – Divisions will consist of two brackets of four teams. Each team will play each team within its bracket for a total of three matches. The group winner of each bracket will then play in a Final. There is no consolation match.



Home Team:

  • The Home Team will be the team listed first on the game schedule.

  • The Home Team will be responsible for providing 3 game balls.

  • The Home Team is to wear their darker colored jersey and the Away Team their lighter jersey. In the event that these two colors are similar, the Home Team will change to a contrasting color. All teams must have alternate jerseys.

  • The Home Team will have a selection of the side of the field for its team. Spectators will sit across the field from their team.

  • Scores will be entered into Affinity by the Home Team coach.


  • Per UYSA Uniform Rule, teams must wear matching uniforms and socks.

  • All players (except goalkeepers) must have a number on the back of their uniform that corresponds to the number listed on the Rage Showcase Approved Stamped Tournament Roster. No duplicate uniform numbers will be allowed.

  • Players must wear equipment (including shin guards) in accordance with FIFA laws.

  • No jewelry may be worn during a match. Allowances for medical alert bracelets may be made only at the discretion of the Field Referee.

  • Splints, casts, braces or other joint support devices must be appropriately covered/padded and approved by the Field Referee prior to the match.

Field Check-In:

The Referee will check in each team up to 30 minutes, but no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the game. Failure of a team to report within 5 minutes of a scheduled game will be considered a forfeit by that team.

Protests and Disputes:

No protests will be allowed or considered. The Head Referee of the match will resolve any player age disputes if brought to his/her attention prior to or during the match. Any further disputes, whether of a game, player, coach or schedule, shall be settled by the Tournament Director. That decision shall be final.

Field Care:

It is the responsibility of each team to treat these facilities with care. The tournament expects that each team clean their sidelines and or pre-game gathering areas of all debris and trash, including tape, immediately after each game. Each field will have numerous trash receptacles, please use them. Your cooperation in this area will ensure that we are able to sue these facilities for future tournaments

Referee Adjustments:

Due to the referee shortage, it is possible that some 9v9 games may only have a one referee.

Registered Coaches:

Please understand that the scheduling team will try to resolve as many coaching conflicts as possible; however, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID ALL COACHING CONFLICTS IN A TOURNAMENT THIS SIZE. Therefore, it is strongly advised that every team have more than one licensed, registered coach on their team roster.  . If a coach has several teams and is not able to attend the game the Tournament Director or Tournament Scheduler can approve an interim coach not on the roster.



Rescheduled Games:

Any and all game times and places are subject to change in the event of inclement weather or unforeseen event. The Tournament Director and the Tournament Scheduler will make decisions on how to reschedule games, and reserve the right to alter the tournament format to do so.

Injury and/or Delay:

Any conditions resulting in delays of the game may cause shortening of the game in order to maintain the tournament schedule.

Suspended Games:

The referee can suspend or terminate a game for misconduct or safety concerns regarding weather conditions. Games may be cancelled, by request from facility/city/school, due to weather.  Games shall be considered complete if one half has been completed and play is stopped by the Field Representative(s), Referee(s), Referee Assignor or the Tournament Director. When necessitated by playing conditions or just cause, the game format may be altered to include shortening of games, penalty kicks or game cancelation. There will be NO REFUNDS.



Our referees have our full support to use their discretion and good judgment while interpreting rules, and will have our full support in making this tournament a great success and a lot of fun. It is expected that Coaches will ensure their team and the fans of their team comply with the spirit of good sportsmanship. The Tournament Director, Referee Assignor or Referee may, at their discretion, expel any player, spectator, coach or team who commits an act which is inconsistent with good sportsmanship and fair play.

General Conduct:

Players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit AND the Letter of the Law. Displays of temper and hostility are cause for ejection from the game and the surrounding field area or venue facility (minimum 300 yards from the playing field). A coach is responsible for the actions of his team and supporters, both on and off the field.

  • Sportsmanship and fair play are to be emphasized at all times. Poor sportsmanship, abusive language and violent behavior are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

  • Violations (on or off the field) can result in forfeit of the game and/or expulsion from further tournament play.

  • Cards can be issued to coaches for unruly spectators

  • Any player or coach who assaults a referee, Field Marshall or tournament official will be expelled from the tournament, and the proper legal authorities may be contacted

  • Any team causing the match to be abandoned shall be declared the loser of said match. The Tournament Director may declare the match a forfeit and the tournament scoring system will apply. Upon review of the referee match report, the Tournament Director may also expel the losing team from the tournament.

  • Violations will be reported to UYSA and/or a team’s State Association.

Yellow and Red Cards:

Two consecutive yellow cards during the tournament in pool play games will be treated as a red card.

The following ejection rules will apply to players or coaches receiving a red card or two consecutive yellow cards:

  • If a coach or player is ejected from the game, he/she will be ineligible to participate in his/her team's next tournament game.

  • Any coach or team manager, who has been ejected, must remove him/herself no less than 300 yards from the play-field immediately upon notice of ejection. Play will be suspended until the ejected individual leaves the vicinity. If the ejected individual does not leave within 5 minutes, the match will be forfeited to the opposing team

  • In the instance where a coach has been ejected from a game, the match may continue only if there is another eligible, rostered coach present. In the absence of an eligible, rostered coach, play will end immediately and the team will forfeit the match to the opposing team.

  • During the one-game suspension, the suspended coach must not be in contact with the team or the replacement coach for the period beginning 30 minutes prior to the game and ending at the conclusion of the game.

  • Players may sit on the bench during their suspended game, but may not be in uniform.

  • Red cards resulting from intentionally harmful or violent conduct may result in expulsion from further tournament play. Violations will be reviewed by the Tournament Director

  • Any player, coach or administrator ejected from a second game shall be ineligible to participate during the remainder of the tournament


Concussion Policy:

The UYSA Concussion Policy will be enforced; and concussions will be tracked. Players must receive a physician’s release to resume play.



Teams that choose to drop out of the Showcase will be subject to the following refund policy:

  • Credit Card and E-Check processing fees will not be refunded no matter the timing of the drop

  • Drop Before Registration closes – Refund of Team Registration minus $50 administrative fee

  • Drop Before Bracketing – 50% Refund of Team Registration

  • Drop After Bracketing – No Refund

  • Notification may be sent to other Tournament Directors, about any team who drops out at the last minute

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